Straight from Essex – Jessica Wright Designed Celebrity Inspired Dresses

Whether you’re new to the world of fashion or a seasoned believer in all that is glam and beautiful, you have to appreciate what Jessica Wright brings to the table with her celebrity inspired dresses. The style icon has inspired and collaborated with many designers over time to come up with some of the most intricately designed sophisticated formal wear dresses.

Our collaboration with Jessica Wright began as a promise to deliver the most popular celebrity red carpet looks and combine with Jessica Wright’s own taste. What started off as an experiment has turned into an exquisite collection that features some of our favorites and best-sellers.

The Jessica Wright collection has inspired us to not only create some of the most gorgeous and sophisticated dresses but also to expand them season after season into chic and fashionable looks in the form of dresses, midis and minis. Check out our collection below to find Jessica Wright dresses on sale.